What Are Space Structures?

A three dimensional structure. Assembled linear elements are arranged to transfer the load. It takes a form of a flat surface or curved surface. Designed with no intermediate columns to create large open area.

Why Space Structures?

Its light in weight,Elegant & Economical & carries load by three dimensional action. The structure has high Inherent Stiffness & is easy to construct which results in saving Construction Time & Cost.
Services (such as lighting and air conditioning) can be integrated with space
frames which also offer the architect unrestricted freedom in locating supports and planning the subdivision of the covered space.

Pioneers in Pakistan

Jazari Space Structures is the pioneer in space structure design, manufacturing & erection in Pakistan. With experience of more than 20 years in steel structure design & production, Jazari brings this innovative solution to Pakistan.


Architectural domes, space frames and freestyle structures are designed with form in mind. Form is the most basic of architectural features, set by structure and defining a building’s character. True design freedom allows stunning facades (once thought impossible) to become award-winning realities.

Industrial Storage/Domes

Industrial storage domes, barrel vaults and space frames are a cost efficient way to address space. As operators of plants, factories and warehouses seek solutions for their storage and operational needs, they turn to Jazari. While traditional restrictions of post and beam systems constrict space and efficiencies, Jazari’s industrial storage domes, or double layer structures,¬† are an expansive and column free way to permit the free flow of products, equipment, inventory and personnel.

Bulk Storage

Jazari can build bulk storage solutions for ring stockpiles, conical piles, longitudinal piles, and hazardous bulk materials. Column-free environments permit maximum use of space without the traditional restrictions of post and beam systems. Now mines, plants and factories can opt for a new vanguard in long span design in any terrain or climate.